My name is Erin. I purchased this business July 1, 2002 and I have enjoyed my job ever since! Animals are my life, literally!

I adopted my first dog in February of 1997 from Humane Animal Rescue Team, Cloe, a.k.a. Sister. I call her my firstborn! Then I started volunteering at Operation Kindness shortly after and that is where my animal history all began! I adopted my second dog-child after fostering him, Bruiser. I moved to Richardson and started volunteering at the local animal shelter. I adopted my next two dogs, Ranger and Terry, from the shelter. I was going to adopt them out but they ended up staying with me as one big happy family. I have several animal lovers who work for me part-time. I seem to find them through my rescue work, which is a BIG plus!

You will see a new pack of dogs on the “My Dogs” tab starting in 2010. The original bunch passed on after living long happy lives! I miss them so much and think about them just about every day. They molded me and were such a big part of my life. Cloe is memorialized on my business card. 🙂

That is my story in a nutshell! I keep very busy!


Hi, my name is Tabitha. I have worked for Stacy Road Pet Hospital in the past; I was there for about eight years. I started off as a kennel tech and worked my way up to a vet tech. I have also worked for a doggie daycare called Bark & I was there for about a year and a half. I worked for Kroger in the pharmacy, and I was there for about 11 years. While working there, I started caring for some of my pharmacists pets and they referred me to their friends who were also pet owners. I met Erin while I was walking someone’s dog in an apartment complex parking lot; we were both caring for our client’s dogs. We were talking about pet sitting, and that’s where we connected. 🙂 I absolutely love animals, all kinds. I have two girls of my own, Marcy and Mia. They are my love of my life. I also have two turtles, Betty and Archie.