Client Comments

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“Thanks so much for taking care of Brody. We were able to relax knowing Brody was happy. It was also wonderful that you kept and eye on the house for us. Thanks to you and your part-time help also. Nancy and I are so happy we found you!”

Lyn B.  (owned by Brody)

“Thanks again for watching the pets! We’re very lucky to have found such an amazing pet sitter! Don’t know what we’d do without you. Thanks a million!”

Joey K. (owned by PeeWee the cat, Sunny the African Grey, & Lulu the Conure)

“Thank you again! It’s always so hard to leave our boys but you really made it worry free for us!”

Alex S. (owed by Pud, Loo, Spunky, Hudson)

“It’s always such a relief knowing that Tony is well-cared for while we travel.  I want you to know that we really feel fortunate to have found you, and we really appreciate your services.  Glad to hear that you and Tony are BFF’s now!” 

 Michael and Jane K. (owned by Tony)

“Your service is so far better than we have ever had.  We very much appreciate your most excellent business.  You have solved for us one of the biggest challenges in our lives-what to do with our housebound babies(5 kitties) when we leave town.  Thank you so much!”

John S. (owned by Rosie, Cindy, Maddie, Gus & Ginny(sibs))

“Thank you so much for the loving and wonderful care to Brody.  I know he was happy and well-cared for!  It gave us great peace to know you were watching our house and spending time with Brody.”

Lyn B. (owned by Brody)

“Thank you so much!  We appreciate you and your excellent care you provide.” 

Sharon W. (owned by Chance, Buddy, Dakota and sometimes Duke & Maverick J)

I appreciate you more than you know.”

Margaret M(owned by Toby, Simon and Andy; previously Duke and Sam)

“Just want you to know that I couldn’t imagine leaving my babies with anyone but YOU!”

Sheri B. (owned by Rocky, Jesse and Mr. Newt)

“Thank you for taking care of the kids….. We appreciate the attention and care you’ve given our children.”

Aimee & Dan (owned by Jodie, Lola, Newton and Sebastian)

“Thank you so much again for taking care of the kids – we always rest easy knowing they are in good hands when we’re gone!”

Wendi B. (owned by Pepper and Jack)

“Thanks so much for taking such great care of the cats and rats!  We really appreciate it!”

Marie B. (owned by Sunshine & Gumbo, Dorothy & Toto (RIP Toto))

“Thanks again for taking care of everyone.  It’s so nice to not have to deal with all of the hassles of boarding.”

Lori H. (owned by Maggie, Charlie, Chester , Gracee)

“ We want to thank you for watching Roxanne these past 4 months.  It is such a peace of mind to know you are checking on her for us!!”

Rachel & Thomas V. (owned by Roxanne and Simon)

“Thank you so much!  I suspect that I would get jealous about how happy the kids are when they see you come in!”

Daril D. (owned by Denis, Daphne, Dakota, Dolly and YumYum)

“Thank you so much.  It is difficult to find the right words to let you know how wonderful it is to know my kids are O.K. even when we aren’t there to be with them.  I’ll just try ‘thank you’ but there is so much more!”

Daril D. (owned by Denis, Daphne, Dakota, Dolly and YumYum)